Author: BEPC Team

Concrete Formwork Installation

Construction has begun on a new multi-story cast-in-place concrete building in Harlem.  This project is part of the New York State of Opportunity Homes and Community Renewal program. Becker Engineering, PC designed wall and column formwork, slab formwork (shoring), and slab re-shoring to allow for safe placement of concrete during construction.  Becker Engineering, PC also […]

Vertical Netting Anchor Testing

Becker Engineering, PC prepared vertical netting drawings for an existing 40-story building in Manhattan, NY.  The 60” high vertical netting will enclose the building perimeter while the façade is removed and replaced.  The building structure consists of concrete encased steel columns.  BEPC designed and tested anchors that would be installed into the concrete encasement in […]

Formwork and Safety Netting Installation

  Construction is ongoing for a new cast-in-place concrete building in Brooklyn, NY.  Becker Engineering, PC provided construction engineering designs for the proposed construction (concrete column and wall formwork, slab reshoring, vertical netting/guardrails, and horizontal netting).  Slab formwork drawings were provided by the shoring system manufacturer for this project.

Column Temporary Shoring

Becker Engineering, PC designed temporary shoring of an existing steel column in Brooklyn, NY.  The existing footing for the 10-story column was proposed to be removed and replaced.  BEPC designed shoring beams and a jacking procedure to support the existing column while the footing was removed and replaced.  The jacking procedure allowed the shoring beams […]

Support of Excavation

Becker Engineering, PC designed the support of excavation system for a new multi-story building in Queens, NY.  The excavation depth ranged between 20-30 feet.  Soldier piles braced with hollow-bar grouted tiebacks were installed in lieu of steel rakers.  Tieback braced tangent piles were used adjacent to a (1) story building to increase rigidity and prevent […]

When is Vibration Monitoring required?

Vibration Monitoring is increasingly required for many types of construction activities including bedrock blasting, structural demolition, pile driving, equipment operation during site preparation, and support of excavation.  The requirements for vibration monitoring are detailed in TPPN 10/88 for landmark buildings, and section 1814.3 of the NYC building code.  Our devices can continuously record the measured […]

What is NYC Local Law 87?

NYC Local Law 87, enacted in 2009,  requires buildings over 50,000 gross square feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures. The intent of this law is to inform building owners of their energy consumption through energy audits.  Energy audits include surveys and analyses of energy use. Retro-commissioning is the process of ensuring correct equipment […]

What is NYC Local Law 84?

NYC Local Law 84, enacted in 2009, requires buildings owners with buildings over 50,000 sf to annually measure their energy and water consumption. This process is called benchmarking. LL84 standardizes this process by requiring building owners to enter their annual energy and water use in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) online tool, ENERGY STAR […]