About Us2

Formed in 1996, Becker Engineering offers professional design services to the NYC building and construction industry. Our dedicated staff has over 100 years of combined engineering experience. We service developers, architects, and contractors through all phases of design and construction.Becker Engineering utilizes a full-service engineering approach to solve the Industry’s most complicated projects. Our goal of providing a single consultant capable of providing the highest quality service enables our clients to maximize value while minimizing the cost associated with a project’s design. Full service engineering allows our team to seamlessly integrate all components into one efficient building system.In addition to design services, Becker Engineering offers support services during construction of your project. We are accredited Special Inspectors offering on-site engineering guidance, inspections and field-related consultations to keep your project moving forward.Click here for a complete list of our service offerings.


John C. Becker, PE is the President and Principal Engineer of Becker Engineering, PC. John is a multi-discipline engineer who has worked in the design industry for over 20 years.John founded Becker Engineering in 1996 to provide a one stop shop design firm. At Becker Engineering, he has managed new construction, alteration, renovation, and historic preservation projects.He has experience with structural, geotechnical, electrical, and mechanical designs and possesses three United States patents for his innovative work. He has served as an expert witness in forensic engineering trials.John earned his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Cornell University and is licensed in NY, NJ, CT, MD, DE, FL, VA, and DC. He is an active member of SEAoNY and NYSSPE.